This has been a very humbling journey. The #1LoveIE movement has been embraced by many in a way that is beyond unimaginable. The whole purpose of this movement was to bring the proper recognition and respect to this great place that we know as the Inland Empire.Create Peace, Love &Unity for the world but, we need to love ourselves first and unite within our community before we spread it to the world. The movement was also created to highlight the era that we live in.The era that we live in is changing for the good because more and more kids are reaching great heights and overcoming barriers and most importantly turning a generation of non-believers to believers. These kids are kids that we seen at the barbershop, ran into at the mall, classmates ,  or kids that we watch grow up in front of our very own eyes and these kids are from the Inland Empire.  We all have a responsibility as citizens of the Inland Empire. That  responsibility is to never deny where we are from, and do the best that we can no matter what we are striving to do and always come back to the IE and look out for the next generation.

I would like to personally tell each and everyone of you who have supported this movement, contributed to the thought process behind this and those who even said this wouldn't go far Thank You. I hope as time goes on the 1LoveIE team and myself  get to meet new people and share conversations of how the IE is or is not SPECIAL to you and how we can build and make things happen in the future. Thank you -Jhudson


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